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Town Hall in Lajitas, Texas

Got back a couple of days ago from a road trip out to West Texas.  We visited Uvalde, Marathon, Big Bend National Park, Terlingua, Alpine and Van Horn, to name a few stops.  I'll be posting some favorite images from the trip as I sort my way through the collection of photographs.  This first post is of the Town Hall in Lajitas, Texas.  The sky during the day had great clouds.  I used an 11mm lens aimed toward the sky to emphasize the impressive clouds in this shot of the Town Hall.  

For the Photo geeks out there:  This is a seven-frame HDR image processed in Nik Software's HDR Efex Pro.  I then corrected the keystoning (paralax distortion cause by angling the camera upward instead of keeping it parallel to the building) of the Town Hall and removed some distracting elements (sensor dust, a small sign in a window, a pickup truck and a golf cart) within Photoshop CS6.  The final step was a monochrome conversion using Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro 2.

Photograph ©2012 Alex Suárez. All rights reserved. Click image to view a larger version.


Drawing in the Sand

Photograph ©2010 Alex Suárez. All rights reserved.

One of life’s small pleasures. A boy draws in the sand with a stick.
Notice the hoof prints in the sand in front of the boy.  Those are from paso fino horses that roam freely over the island.




Isolated Showers

Photograph ©2010 Alex Suárez. All rights reserved.

As we approached the island of Vieques in a twin-engine Cessna, I noticed an isolated rain shower off to my left. The island is just coming into view on the right.  Total flight time from San Juan to Vieques was 23 minutes. Moments after I took this shot, we descended, banked 90° left and landed at the airport by the shore. 

Inviting Water

Photograph ©2010 Alex Suárez. All rights reserved.

A pier in the town of Esperanza on the Caribbean Sea in the island of Vieques, immediately East of Puerto Rico. Amazing turquoise and aqua colors in the water.